As you may be aware, CMT Australia (CMTAA Inc.) held its 32nd AGM on Saturday 11th September. The minutes are available here. This was preceded by another informative webinar, the recording of which is available to members here. Four of our previous Committee stepped down at the meeting and three stayed on to serve you again for another year. Taking advantage of a clause in our constitution, I decided to step up to the President’s role, in addition to my Treasurer duties. This enabled us to accept four new additions to the Committee.

I’m very pleased that Jillian Critchley and Lisa Moore have agreed to continue their great contribution, and mostly in the roles that you are familiar with them occupying, namely Newsletter Editor, Facebook Moderator and CMT Aussie Kids Coordinator for Jillian, and Web Master and assisting with membership matters for Lisa. Joining our group are Helen Burnie as Vice President, Janelle Hunter as Secretary, Shaana Dekker and Darryl Beitsch as additional committee members. You can check out their bios here. What a team!

We have an exciting year ahead, in which the focus will be to further build our membership base; continue to provide our existing services; and to commence a program of implementing the nine activities for which we unsuccessfully sought funding during the year. We look forward to communicating our progress with you as the year progresses, and we invite you to participate in a range of ways that we will detail soon.

Finally for this brief update, I would particularly like to acknowledge the contribution that Tony Adams has made during his term as your President. Whilst we haven’t been able to meet recently face-to-face, Tony is familiar to those who read our Newsletters and attend our webinars. I would also like to thank Marilyn Kremmer from Tasmania for her contribution on our national committee, and who can forget the fantastic seminar Marilyn and her team put on for us in Hobart. Thanks also to our retiring Secretary Annette Walsh, and Vice President Chris Meaney.

Robert Twin

CMT Australia President/Treasurer