CMT is a common, frequently undiagnosed, neurological disease

2024 CMT Australia National Conference

When:  Saturday 31 August

Time: 10am to 4.30pm (ACST)

Where: Atura Hotel, 1 Atura Circuit, Adelaide Airport AND via zoom

CMT Australia
Pathways Nurse Program

This program helps people with CMT better understand their health management options, and more successfully navigate the health system and it’s services.

What is CMT

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The Charcot Marie Tooth Association Australia Inc. began as a Support Group in 1988, established to support those with CMT, their families and friends, and to expand community awareness and understanding of CMT.

We are staffed entirely by volunteers.

Our Mission

To unite all those in Australia who are impacted by CMT, the most common inherited neuropathy;  empower those with CMT to live their lives to the  fullest; and to encourage our community to support CMT Australia in its goals.

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Just $40.00 a year per household gives Members access to:

  • Informative newsletters
  • Knowledge – strategies to manage CMT
  • Support – through meeting other people with CMT
  • Seminar downloads

Your membership fees also contribute to the running of the organisation.

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