CMT Aussie Kids on steps at camp 2020

The CMT Aussie Kids Program encompasses a large number of activities specifically run for youth affected by Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease.

The main activity is the annual camp; other activities include day trips and meetups, both nationally and regionally.

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CMT Aussie Kids Camp

 Every year, CMT Australia runs a camp for kids aged 10 and over who are affected by CMT.

The camps were developed as a way to allow kids with CMT to meet, socialise, share experiences and engage in adventurous and non-adventurous activities in a fun camp atmosphere.

CMT Aussie Kids Turn 10 – 2022 Camp and Celebration compiliation

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CMT Aussie Kids on Social Media

We have a social media presence to help connect affected youth to their peers and friends across distances.

Teen’s Guide to CMT

Being a teenager can be tough at the best of times. It can get even trickier when you have CMT.

CMT Australia has produced a Teen’s Guide to CMT. If you’re a teenager with CMT this is for you!

Teacher’s Guide to CMT

The guide is a practical resource to hand to your class teacher, or anyone else involved in your day.

Steph, 18
Steph, 18
“Since I went to camp last year I don’t feel isolated about CMT like I did before. I don’t feel as shy about CMT, or myself either.

The CMT Aussie Kids weekend is an experience I’ll never forget. Everyone has become a second family to me now, and we help each other out where it’s possible, no matter where we live in the country.”

Nick, 16
Nick, 16
“CMT Aussie Kids is something I look forward to every year, a weekend where I and many others can feel normal. When I’m at camp I don’t feel like the odd one out who gets extra treatment because of CMT.

It’s nice to meet other people who have the same struggles and challenges to overcome in everyday life and be able to exchange tips and tricks for CMT.”

Sarah, 12
Sarah, 12
“I love going to CMT camp because I meet new people and everyone around me has CMT and that makes me feel more confident.

It doesn’t matter if you fall over and you have funny feet, it is just so much fun.”