Have you considered a bequest to CMT Australia?

When you next prepare your Will, please consider CMT Australia as a potential recipient.

Your bequest is more than a gift – it is a lifetime of hope!

CMT Australia has been supporting our CMT family for over 30 years. Operationally we are able to deliver our range of services with income derived mainly from our membership fees, however with more funds we could do much more!

Our big ticket item is funding Australian based research. For this we rely on our members and their friends for their generosity. The addition of bequests to this fund would significantly enhance our capacity to sponsor the very worthwhile projects that our local researchers put to us.

We are moving from a generic research funding model, to a specific project based approach.

This involves inviting our specialised researchers to identify projects that they believe will enhance our progress towards our vision of A World without CMT’. These projects are submitted to us in June and the Committee select those that best match our criteria for funding. We will then mount funding campaigns for these, and the sooner we are able to attain the target figure, the earlier our researchers will be able to commence the project. Your bequest could accelerate this process.

Other donation options include enhancing our administration and youth activities. Alternatively you may wish to target your bequest at an alternative objective such as helping to support an adult CMT Clinic based at a hospital.

CMT Australia would be very keen to discuss this with you should this be the case.

We understand that your loved ones will always come first, however having met this need, we would be very grateful if you could consider CMT Australia as a recipient. The amount doesn’t need to be large, contributions of all sizes are welcome.

You would be required to update your Will, make a decision as to the amount of the bequest, notify your loved ones and notify CMT Australia.

CMT Australia manages its finances strictly according to the requirements of the Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission. Our financial report is prepared by the Treasurer each July and is audited by a Registered Auditor. The report is presented at the AGM.

You can be assured that any contributions that you make will be efficiently managed and committed to a worthwhile project.