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CMT Awareness
Thank you CMT UK for this outstanding CMT Awareness video. This short video explains what Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease is and how it affects people.  CMT Australia is privileged to be a part of the International CMT community working together to promote awareness of CMT.

Former President Messsage
Message from the Former President of CMT Australia

Navigating CMT Australia Website
Video on layout of the site and how to navigate.


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Please note the 2015 video has no sound.


  1. Interview with Dr Che Fornusek
    An inspiring interview with Dr Che Fornusek regarding the importance of sport for people with disabilities.
  2. Hit the radio: Open House Podcast.
    The Open House program on Hope Media interviewed the husband of a new mum who has CMT and also the former President of our CMT Australia.  Listen in to hear how this young family is dealing with CMT related mobility challenges plus CMT Australia developments to support those with the disease.
  3. Celebrating Microscopes
    Northcott Neuroscience Lab opened their doors to those with CMT and their families.
  4. Interview with Peter and Jillian Critchley – Founders CMT Aussie Kids – Podcast

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2023 CMT Australia National Conference – Concord NSW and Zoom
Robert Twin (President):  Welcome
Jillian & Peter Critchley: Aussie Kids/Big Kids Presentation
Tanya Walsh: Physiotherapy & CMT
Brittany Hulme: Insights Into the NDIS Application and The Types of Support Available for Both Children and Adults with CMT   
Prof. Marina Kennerson:  From The Clinic To The Laboratory And Back Again: The CMT Research Journey 
Robert Twin & Garth Nicholson: Life Membership Presentation to Professor Garth Nicholson.
Chris Peachey:  A Peachey Perspective
Prof Joshua Burns: Clinical Trials Update for Children and Adults with CMT and Related Neuropathies. 
Dr Helen Burnie: Personal Story – Living with CMT
Nick Peachey: Personal Story – Living with CMT
Dr Daniel Hackett: The Role of Exercise in CMT (2022 Grant Recipient Update)
Dr Winnie Tan: Mechanisms of DNA compaction by the CMT type 2Z gene MORC2 – 2022 grant recipient update
Dr Rachel Kennedy: Update on surveys of healthcare clinicians and families: what do they know about physical activity and exercise for children and young people with CMT – 2022 Grant recipient update
Robert Twin (President): Close 

2022 CMT Australia National Conference (Zoom)

Sessions covering : CMT Aussie Kids updates, Laughter Yoga, Being and Staying Motivate, Research Snapshots, Assistive Technology Aids, Sustaining Partner introductions, Experience In Managing My CMT, Commonwealth Home Support Programme, International Update,
Presenters: Jillian & Peter Critchley, Merv Neal, Larissa McKinnon, Dr Rachel Kennedy, Dr Winnie Tan, Dr Daniel Hackett, Rebecca Hilton, Karl- Heniz Schott, Mardi, Hamish Lilley, David Leslie, Matt Twin, Warren Leahy, Narelle Montgomery, Marilyn Kremmer, Helen Burnie and Karin Rodgers

2021 National CMTAA Awareness Day Webinar
Dr Andrew Ellis: Orthopaedic Surgeon
TaxBiz – Max Newnham: Silver Sustaining Partner
Peter & Jillian Critchley: Aussie Kids Update
Professor Marina Kennerson: Research Update

2020 National CMTAA Awareness Day Webinar
Prof Marina Kennerson: Developing Therapies for CMT Challenges and Research update
Dr Alison Shield: CMT and Medication Saftety
Dr Che Fornusek: Cross Sectional Exercise Training and Resistance Training Study Results

2019 National CMTAA Awareness Day Seminar – Melbourne
Prof Garth Nicholson: Progress in CMT Research, discovery to treatments
Debbie Phillips, Brotherhood of St Laurance – Local area coordination and navigating the NDIS
Jillian and Peter Critchley: Opportunities for youth with CMT
Prof Josh Burns: Developments in the management of CMT
Dr Rachel Kennedy: Exercise, physical activity and CMT
Julieta Mateo, ATM Practitioner: Improving life through exploring better movement
Eliza Hull, ABC Producer:  A personal journey
Seminar: Q & A Session


CMT Australia will be highlighting CMT podcasts. The comments and suggestions made in these podcasts are not necessarily those of CMT Australia. These podcasts are for entertainment purposes only.
Not listened to podcasts before? No problem. The easiest thing to do is click on the link in the post. It will take you directly to the podcast.

Too peas in a podcast – ABCPea Nas talks journalism and parenting with a disability
Mandy and Kate chat with ABC national disability reporter Nas Campanella. Nas is blind and has Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease.

You’re Kidding, Right – Charcot Marie Tooth -inherited peripheral neuropathy
You’re Kidding, Right is a podcast by two doctors for everything you need to know about paediatrics).

ListenABLE – Eliza Hull (Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease) Episode 53#
Challenge what you think it’s like to live with disability. Hosts Dylan Alcott and Angus O’Loughlin speak to people living with disabilities about their lives and ask them the questions you thought were off-limits

Days of Rare – In conversation with Angela Hughes
At the age of 44 Angela was diagnosed with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, a progressive and degenerative condition.

Dr Thomas Watchman is a GP in the UK and loves creating educational material for studying medicine.

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2018 National CMTAA Awareness Day Seminar – Hobart
Hamish Anderson, Physiotherapist: Balance, exercise and fatigue
Prof Greg Peterson:   Drug therapy for neuropathic pain
Prof Joshua Burns: Developments in the management of CMT
Seminar: Question Time
Jillian & Peter Critchley: CMT Aussie Kids
Prof Garth Nicholson, Neurogeneticist:  CMT Research
Darren Pereira, Orthotist – Advances in orthotic management to facilitate better standing balance and walking efficiency

2017 National CMTAA Awareness Day Seminar – Sydney
Prof Joshua Burns: Developments in management of CMT
Karl-Heinz Schott: Footpower sensomotoric orthoses and CMT
Dr Scott Denton: Reducing the health burden of CMT
Mandy Hanna: Occupational Therapist Role
Prof Garth Nicholson: CMT Research
Dr Alison Shield: The impact of medications on CMT

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2021 National CMT Australia National Zoom – November
Featuring presentations by Total Ability and Brazier Mobility – What I need to Know to drive a vehicle despite my CMT

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2016 National CMTAA Awareness Day Seminar – Brisbane
Awareness Day: Seminar Overview
Ernie Tye, Pedorthist: Custom appliance application based footware
Darren Pereira: The use of orthotics in managing CMT
Prof Garth Nicholson: Research history and new developments
Dr Desmond Soares: Surgical procedures to benefit hand, foot and ankle problems
Question time:  Q & A Session

2015 National CMTAA Awareness Day Seminar – Sydney
Darryl & Robin: Thank you
Dr Scott Denton: Reducing the health burden of CMT
Dr Alison Shield: Medication safety and CMT
CMT Aussie Kids: Young CMTers
Dr Manoj Menzies: CMT in childhood, trials and interventions
Michael Carroll: My life with CMT
Prof Garth Nicholson: CMT research, history and new developments

2014 National CMTAA Awareness Day Seminar – Sydney
Prof Garth Nicholson: Hereditary peripheral neuropathy: history and new developments
Prof Joshua Burns: Developments in the management of CMT
Dr Andrew Wines: Surgical management of foot problems in CMT
Lyndal Douglas, Genetic Counsellor: Preimplantation genetic diagnosis
Dr Alison Shield: Medication safety and CMT
Dr Eppie Yiu: Peripheral nerve ultrasound in paediatric CMT 1a
Lois Tonkin: Principles of pain management
J Gates, L Huxley & G Fernandez: It’s all about alignment – posture and balance workshop
CMT Aussie Kids: Young CMTers update

2013 National CMTAA Awareness Day Seminar – Sydney
Research in Progress: cost of cmt, exercise for kids, shoes for adults, resistance training
Rebecca Howard, Occupational Therapist: Technology to improve quality of life
Joshua Burns, PhD: Developments in managing CMT
Katrin Wegener, Cert Pedorthist CM: What does CMT affect?
Dr Alison Shield: Medications and CMT
Prof Garth Nicholson: Understanding hereditary neuropathy, history and new developments.

2012 National CMTAA Awareness Day Seminar – Sydney
CMT Expert Panel: Q & A Session
Peter Richards, Horsebreaker: My Life with CMT
Dr Helga Hemberger, Clinical Psychologist: How we can cope with CMT
Dr Alison Shield: GDAP1 – role in CMT?
Dr Che Fornusek: Exercise and Sport with CMT
Prof Joshua Burns, Podiatrist: Management of CMT, an Update
Prof Garth Nicholson: CMT and Exomics, what next?