You can help

Our Members are a great resource for all those who see support for those with CMT as important.

If you believe that you have the skills and drive to fundraise for CMT research, youth or administration initiatives then we need your help


CMT Australia is a charity with ATO Deductable Gift Recipient Status, so every donation of $2 and more is tax deductable.

Your fundraising activities will provide funds that are highly valued and enable us to continue supporting those who live with CMT.

Your fundraising efforts will:

  • Enable local researchers to continue their work in finding a cure for CMT
  • Assist in the development of national clinical practice guidelines for the management of CMT.
  • Assist our Association to raise awareness of CMT and its impact on people’s lives through our Support Meetings and our National CMT Awareness Day Seminars which actively engage with local communities.
  • Assist our Association to continue to provide support and information and raise awareness of CMT in local communities through our Website, Facebook and from our National Office.
  • Assist in supporting our CMT Aussie Kids programs. (Youth Activities donations)

To help us reach our goals you can use our GiveNow fundraising page in conjunction with our Fundraising Policy, to raise funds for CMT research.  All donations from this page go to fund CMT Research in Australia.

Or come up with your own fundraising idea and setup a fundraising page on Give Now. Online fundraising is the easiest way to start fundraising. You will need an ‘Authority to Fundraise’ letter if you are fundraising on behalf of CMT Australia. Please contact the national office to get this organised.

CMT Australia, Building 22, Concord Hospital, Concord  NSW  2139

Thank You