Customised Telehealth – a brand new free service!

Do you have questions about Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease?

Do you wonder what CMT will mean to you, or your loved one?

Got questions about how to manage the challenges, pain, numbness you may face?

Want to know how to arrange genetic counselling, or get an AFO?

Do you want to know who’s a good podiatrist in your area, or who are the specialists recommended by other CMTers?

Confused by NDIS and how to use it to help manage CMT?

Just want to chat with someone with medical knowledge AND empathy?

Our Pathways Telehealth Nurse Service will have answers for you!

What is this service?

CMT Australia is proud to partner with the Centre for Community-Driven Research, to help people with CMT better understand their health management options and navigate the health system.

Available for people throughout Australia, this is a free, online and/or phone service, where you can confidentially speak to a registered nurse about the CMT-related issues that concern you or a family member. In this patient-driven model, the nurse will provide information to help answer your questions and, where appropriate, develop a care plan with, and for, you – but will not provide medical advice.

How can I access the service?

Register online for your consultation – or call 1300 755 050 – this is a central phone line where you can register with the Pathways Receptionist for a Nurse Consultation.

The Receptionist will take down your name, phone number and email and ask a little about the help you are seeking. Make sure you mention that it’s about CMT. The service is available free of charge to both CMT Australia Members and Non-Members.

How will it work?

We will trial the program for 12 months to see how much it’s used and how happy people are with the program. Our nurse will be available for 4-6 hours per week during this trial period.

Other organisation’s experience running the Pathways Telehealth Nurse Service has been positive.

What training and oversight will the CMT Australia Pathways Telehealth Nurse Receive?

The nurse will receive ongoing training and supervision from senior nursing staff of the Centre for Community-Driven Research, which has been successfully running the Pathways Telehealth program in partnership with various patient organisations since 2019.

How can CMT Australia afford to provide this service?

We have started fund-raising and will be ramping this up to generate as much fund possible to support the program. We’d really appreciate any assistance you can provide with our campaigns, which we will promote on our website and through social media.