An opportunity to assist our researchers by participating in a new research initiative involving CMT families and family members

Our CMT research team headed by Professor Garth Nicholson and Assoc/Professor Marina Kennerson at the Northcott Neuroscience Laboratory, ANZAC Research Institute in Sydney has recruited CMT families for over twenty years. These families have been identified through our close association with neurogenetic clinics Australia wide and through our role as the main referral centre for DNA diagnostic testing for CMT. The Northcott laboratory has one of the largest CMT patient family databases in the world.

CMT Family Recruitment
We are actively recruiting CMT families and family members for our research. If you or your family are interested in participating in our research, please contact Carolyn Cecere at or 02 9767 7016.

There are over 40 genes that have been identified for CMT. Our laboratory has discovered some and also made important contributions through overseas collaborations for other CMT gene discoveries.

With new government research funding awarded to Professor Nicholson and Assoc/Professor Kennerson our research goal of identifying more CMT genes using family studies and state-of-the-art DNA technologies will continue.

Through identifying these genes, we will gain an understanding of the biological basis of CMT and the genes that cause the premature death of motor and sensory neurons. This understanding is a prerequisite to the effective diagnosis, treatment and prevention of CMT.