Hi everyone! My name is Francesca and I am very excited to be representing New Zealand as the Wellington Region Support Contact person.

I look forward to many coffee (and cake!!) catchups in the future. I’ve recently returned home to New Zealand and am enjoying settling down and staying put for a while.

A little bit about myself
I was diagnosed with CMT at 17 and had my first of two orthopaedic surgeries in year 12 – just before my final exams. Before that, CMT was just something that I lived with and it wasn’t until it became obvious that a diagnosis was necessary that I finally learnt why I was different.

CMT can be a pain at times, but it does help you to think outside of the box – there is always a way you just need to find it. I don’t let CMT define me and I have been very lucky to volunteer, travel, work and study overseas for a number of years so far.

As a New Zealand born Australian, and having lived in Adelaide for a large chunk of my life, I was able to be a part of the South Australian Committee for a short time. I then moved to Germany to complete a Masters degree in German and then to the UK once I finished studying.

I have attended and mentored on both Aussie and UK Kids camps and look forward to being a part of a future Kids camp in NZ.

See you soon