Australia’s Assoc. Professor Marina Kennerson and Professor Joshua Burns have joined a network of clinicians and scientists in the Asian Oceanic region. 

The Asian Oceanic region represents a large portion of the world’s population and in 2016 the Asian Oceanic Inherited Neuropathy Consortium (AOINC) was established.

Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) disease is the most common form of inherited neuropathies.

The AOINC’s belief is that bringing together a network of clinicians and scientists will enable collaboration to achieve greater insights into the causes and natural history of inherited neuropathies in the region, thereby leading to the discovery of effective therapies and improving patient care.

Members include Assoc Prof Marina Kennerson from the Anzac Institute at Concord Hospital and Prof Joshua Burns from the Children’s Hospital at Westmead.

This collaboration will help sustain a network of researchers and clinicians working on inherited neuropathies that will:

  • Contribute to the worldwide effort to diagnose and treat children and adults with inherited neuropathy
  • Expand knowledge by promoting communication and collaboration to achieve shared common goals for the inherited neuropathies
  • Support training and education of members to facilitate research excellence

It also aims to establish country based Patient Registries to facilitate sharing of clinical information within the region and worldwide for clinical trial readiness,and finally initiate public education and develop patient advocacy groups in the region to increase awareness of inherited neuropathies in the Asian Oceanic region.

CMT Australia is excited to see this new initiative in the world of CMT and plan to attend the 2019 Meeting to be held in Sydney.

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