CMT Australia Notice of Special General Meeting

Published On: 26 July 20231.2 min read

All CMT Australia Members

Your committee has decided that there are instances where it is appropriate to acknowledge the significant contribution made by selected individuals who have played an exemplary role in our goal of assisting those impacted by CMT in Australia. Our approach is to award those who are considered worthy of such recognition, a Life Membership of CMT Australia.

To allow this to occur, some minor changes are needed to our constitution.  This requires a vote from our members, and Notification of a Special General Meeting of the Association has been called for.  Notification detailing the proposed changes, and special resolution to be adopted has been emailed or posted to all members on 26th July 2023, advising of the Special general meeting to be held on 19th August.

a copy of the proposed revised constitution is available to members to view here. Areas that have been changed are underlined in the contents section.

The NSW Associations Incorporations Act 2009 No. 7 recommends a constitutional change be enacted through a special resolution put to all members, 21 days prior to the meeting. To be successful the special resolution will require support from 75% or more of those eligible to vote and voting on the motion.

A Proxy voting form is available, should members wish to vote though another person. Instructions as to how this can be completed are on the form.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Lisa Moore

Secretary, CMT Australia

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