A new name for CMTAA; uniting all Australians who are impacted by CMT, empowering them to live their lives to the fullest; and encouraging our community to support us.

We all know how much of a mouthful ‘Charcot Marie Tooth Association of Australia’ can be.

Our disease name can be a bit tricky to remember and pronounce. We were finding people who didn’t even know we existed, and who were missing out on the many benefits of membership because they simply didn’t know where to look.

The name has  sometimes been difficult to relate to and understand. So, the committee decided to do something about it and ‘CMT Australia’ was born.

We are the same organisation, same support, same resources, same care. Just an alternate name. Our logo and branding will not change. We are not throwing out the old name. It stays. But now we have an alternative to the mouthful of doctor’s names, something that recognises our origins in Australia, and gives a nod to the acronym CMT.

You’ll find us using the term more and more as we all get used to it. However, be assured that nothing has changed.

There is still the same passion to serve our members through support, raise funds for vital research into CMT, disseminate information to our members, and allied and medical health professionals, and provide programs that give kids an opportunity to learn about their CMT.