Peter Critchley, Co-Organiser of the CMT Aussie Kids program nominated CMT Aussie Kids to receive a CommBank Staff Foundation Community Grant.

CMT Australia are excited to announce the nomination was successful and the program will receive $10,000 to support our youth and their activities as they emerge from COVID-19.

The CMT Aussie Kids Youth Program has been running for the 10 years, and gives youth with CMT a chance to go away on camp with others who have CMT.

In a safe and protected environment, youth can experience adventurous activities with peers their own skill level and understanding. This gives them a sense of belonging and an appreciation that they are not alone. The camp also builds a network, supported by social media, that allows the youth to support each other year round.

Additionally, the CMT Aussie Kids Program provides day activities across many states of Australia for younger children and their families to participate in.

The $10,000 Community Grant will support and assist in a number of ways. When we move out of COVID-19 restrictions, the Association is planning on moving forward face-to-face activities where permissible and practicable. Activities will be prioritised on the youth to help address the sense of isolation, provide a diversion and a goal. The Commonwealth Bank Community Grant is a significant enabler for the Association to deliver its vital work for the CMT Community both in COVID lockdown and emerging from it.