Information to help manage your CMT

A Guide to Physical and Occupational Therapy for CMT

We thank the CMTA USA for their permission to use this publication in Australia.

Under the leadership of world-class CMT clinicians, including Professor Joshua Burns from Australia, CMTA USA sponsored a workshop and brought together physical and occupational therapists from CMTA USA’s Centres of Excellence to collaborate on a guide to help therapists better understand and manage CMT.

They created this comprehensive guide

This first-of-its-kind publication outlines the assessment and care of people with CMT. As CMT manifests so differently from person to person, this guide, based on research, experience and patient input, will optimise collaboration between physical and/or occupational therapists and patients, helping ensure the best possible care for specific CMT management. 

Hard copy available to order 

CMT Exercise Video Series

Created by physiotherapist Rebekah Lee, the CMT Exercise Video Series focuses on functional improvement for those living with CMT.

Balance Walking for CMT

The Balance Walking for CMT Video Series demonstrates how using balance walking poles can dramatically increase the confidence, fitness, and mobility of people living with CMT.

Documents for Youth

 The Teachers Guide to CMT is handy to give to your child’s school, it helps the school to plan for adaptions which may be required to enable your child to succeed in the school environment.

Being a teenager can be tough at the best of times. It can get even trickier when you have CMT.  If you’re a teenager with CMT the Teen’s Guide to CMT is for you!

The CMT Aussie Kids Program has activities run for youth affected by Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease. 

Documents for Workplace

 The Workplace Guide to CMT is a handy conversation starter to give to your Employer, it helps you and your Employer to plan for adaptions which may be required to enable you to succeed in the work environment.  This is a general advice document to help begin the process.