New CMT Australia Publications

Published On: 14 May 20240.8 min read
CMT Australia 30th National AGM CMT Australia
CMT Australia 30th National AGM CMT Australia

We’re proud to announce two new publications from CMT Australia.  Both publications are only available to view as a flip book on the website and can be downloaded as PDF.

We hope you enjoy reading these booklets.

Moving Forward with CMT Second Edition

CMT Australia partnered. again, with Dr Scott Denton PhD the author of the first edition.  We revisited and updated content in the original edition, feature 3 new people living with CMT and their stories.  We farewell Professor Garth Nicholson and introduce Professor Steve Vucic to our research profiles.

CMT Survivor’s Guide Australia

We thank CMTA for their permission to adapt and publish an adapted version of their booklet.  The information and links have been sourced for Australia where possible, to be relevant here.

This booklet contains 7 tips to be a resource to live life your way with CMT.

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