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Saturday, 24th September 2022


CMT Australia is excited to announce our Conference for 2022. This is not just an opportunity to listen to the latest developments in research, exercise and assistance aids, and catch up on what the CMT Aussie Kids Program has been doing for the past 10 years (and much more)…

It is a chance to get to know others with CMT.

Online and Interactive.

CMT Australia values the health and safety of our members, so we need to be cautious with the recent pandemic still impacting our lives. This year we’ve adapted the way we do things. Our CMT Australia National Conference will offer opportunities between speakers to drop into a chat room, and meet, greet and have conversations with your CMT Community across the State, across the Country and across the World!

All current CMT Australia members will receive the link to attend the Online Conference closer to the event. The cost of this conference is included in your membership fees this year.

Non-members can register and pay the non-refundable amount of $20 to attend this exciting online event by going to our shop to purchase your access link.  Please ensure you include your email address for the Conference link to be sent to you.

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